[STÖMB] was created in 2012 following the meeting of guitar players Aurélien De Freitas (ex-The Way I Am) and Tom Bonetto (ex-Missing Pride), bass player Alex Garachon (ex-7th Nemesis) and drummer Olivier Riva (The Eleven). The band started working on several compositions all the while looking for a singer who could join on the project. After some unsuccessful attempts in finding the right and relevant singer and several months of consideration on the band’s conceptual orientation, the decision to make [STÖMB] an instrumental project appeared as an obvious choice. The songs were thus completely redesigned and the EP Fragment, produced, mixed and mastered by Andrew Guillotin at Hybreed Studio, was released in april 2013.

In january 2015 the first album, entitled The Grey, was released. It genuinely inscribed the musical orientation of the band in the “post/djent” style, mixing the trippy and ethereal atmospheres of post rock with the groove and heaviness of djent and modern metal. This album, produced once again at Hybreed Studio and mastered by Acle Kahney (Tesseract), received an unanimous and warm welcome from the public and the trade press. Live performances are supported by video projections composed by Hicham Haddaji of Strychneen Studio (Klone, Trepalium, Hacride) who also created visuals of the band.

September 2017 marked the release of a second EP entitled Duality, which artwork was signed by the artist Trëz. It also marked the arrival of Tom Gadonna (The Long Escape) on the drums. [STÖMB] shared the stage with prestigious bands such as Leprous, Vola, Humanity’s Last Breath, The Algorithm, Kadinja, Hacride, Eryn Non Dae, Atlantis Chronicles… and had the opportunity to perform on festivals like Euroblast and UK Tech Metal Fest.

[STÖMB] unveils today their new album, From Nihil, a concept album around cosmic chaos, nothingness and insignificance of man within the universe. Recorded and mixed at Axone Studio and mastered by Pierrick Noel at Atelier Mastering. The artwork is once again the result of a collaboration with a painter, Sylvie Gedda, and her work La Dame Blanche. With From Nihil, [STÖMB] offers us a journey through the unfathomable and the immaterial, where your strongest landmarks might be totally disrupted…